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Automatic Bidding- Use max-bid to place bids at the lowest possible winning increments. You enter the highest amount you are willing to pay; the system automatically places bids for you at the lowest increment needed to win your item at the lowest possible price.
Bid- A one time bid entry for an item. This bid is not used in proxy bidding.
Bid Increment- This is the amount by which you must increase your bid over the current high bid. Sellers set the bid increment when they create the auction.
Bidding- The act of placing a bid on an auction item.
Deadbeat Bidder- This is what you get labeled if you do not promptly pay for the items you win. Ebanned has a low tolerance for deadbeat bidders and you will find yourself sitting on the outside if you take up this nasty habit.
Dutch Auction- An auction format which accommodates a seller with multiple identical items for sale. Our software runs Dutch Auction at a "Fixed Price". Simply put, the seller determines the price they wish for the items and determines how many they have available. Once bidders have reached the amount of items the seller has offered, the auction will continue to the ending time with no one being able to bid again.
Change Registration/Password- This is used to change parts of your user profile, such as email address, mailing address and password.
Featured Auction- Prominent listing on the home page and category pages of an auction service, for which sellers pay a premium.
Feedback- Comments of buyers and sellers about their experience with specific other buyers and sellers are invited by the auction services and cannot be removed or changed once submitted. The theory is that this motivates everyone to be on his or her best behavior.
Feedback Padding- Fraudulent positive feedback about a user and his auctions. Sometimes over-zealous sellers cross the line of propriety by padding their online feedback files in expectation of improving their sales. Very bad!
Feedback Rating- Both sellers and buyers are encouraged to rate the people with whom they conduct transactions as to value, service, courtesy, and general satisfaction. These ratings cannot be removed or changed, once submitted, and they're easily accessible to all users. Your feedback can positively or negatively influence sales success. If your buyers give you a high rating, potential future buyers are more apt to give you their business as well.
Fraudulent Seller- This is what you are if you place an auction, get paid for it but never deliver the item. Frauds don't last long around here. Ebanned takes an aggressive stance against fraud of any kind and will act accordingly and swiftly to sellers found practicing these bad business habits.
High bidder- The participant who bids the greatest amount.
Hot Items- Auctions, which get a large number bids, are placed in the Hot Items section. A Hot Items icon also appears in regular listings, search results, and other miscellaneous pages.
HTML- Short for Hypertext Markup Language. A Hypertext document format used on the World Wide Web. HTML utilizes Tags, which are embedded in the text to format the document to be viewed by a web browser. Ebanned  handles the HTML automatically when you place HTML in the Description Field as you create the auction.
Length of Auction- The number of day's people can bid on your auction. Most auctions are open for at least a week to allow buyers to locate and bid on the item. The seller determines the length of the auction when they create the auction.
Maximum Bid- The highest price a buyer will pay for an item, submitted in confidence to our automated bidding system to facilitate proxy bidding.
Minimum Opening Bid- The seller stipulates a minimum opening bid, which sets the opening price given in your listing when it first goes online and before there are any bidders. This amount should not be as high as the hidden "Reserve Price," if you have one. Many sellers believe it works to set your Opening Bid as low as possible - $1.00.
Not a Registered User- This is what happens when a member cancels their account or has their account terminated for achieving the lowly status of deadbeat bidder or problem seller.
Outbid- To submit a maximum bid that is higher than another buyer's maximum bid. You can even outbid yourself if you get too excited and try to raise your proxy.
Picture Hosting- If you have pictures in your listings, they must be stored somewhere on the Web, accessible through their own unique URL (or web address). You scan and upload the picture to your server then, enter the URL of the picture when you create the auction. We recommend Photeto.
Post- The act of publishing a listing to an online site.
Proxy Bidding- Placing a maximum bid, which is held in confidence by Ebanned. Ebanned will use only as much of the maximum bid as is necessary to maintain the bidder's high bid position.
Ratings and Feedback- Ebanned makes it possible to offer feedback on both sellers and buyers. This allows the whole auction community to know if a participant has had a positive or negative experience with another member. Members may offer feedback in the form of verbal comments from the Leave Feedback Page.
Register- In order to participate in Ebanned's auctions, whether as a bidder or seller, you need to register. Registration is free and required. Your information is private.

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Registered User- A person who has registered as a member of Ebanned. All online auction services require registration prior to buying and selling. There is no fee or other financial commitment required to be a Registered User, however we require a credit card be used to verify your age.
Re-listing- The re-listing of an item by a seller after it has not received any bids or met its reserve price.
Reserve Bid- When a seller sets a Reserve Bid amount they are stating that this value, which is not disclosed to the bidders, except to announce whether the Reserve Bid has been met, is the lowest bid that they will accept as a successful auction. As a Seller this allows you to set a minimum amount that you will sell your item for. You should be aware that setting your Reserve Bid too high would result in you item not selling.
Reserve Not Met- Reserve not met means that no one has yet bid as much as the minimum price that the seller will accept.
Reserve Price- The lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item. Bidders never see the reserve price. A seller might indicate a reserve price if they are unsure of the real value of the item and would like to reserve the right to refuse to sell the item if the market value is below a certain price. If an item has a reserve price, that will show on auction page. Conventional wisdom says that buyers prefer auctions that have "No Reserve," and that you will attract more bidders if you don't list a reserve price.
Registration Agreement- The registration agreement outlines the terms of use for Ebanned. All registered users must agree to these terms before they can place an online bid or sell an item.
Shill Bidding- The deliberate placing of bids to artificially drive up the price of an item. This is also know as "bid padding" and is not allowed and could be illegal in your area.
Sniping- Out-bidding other buyers in the closing minutes or seconds of an auction. This is a perfectly legitimate and sensible tactic for buyers who spot something they're interested in, but don't want to prematurely up the price early in the auction. They wait, then pounce at the last minute. You shouldn't be upset if there isn't much action on your listing in the first days. On the last day, in the last hour, and in the last seconds, there could be a lot of activity and rapid escalation to the final winning bid.
Starting Price- The mandatory starting bid for a given auction, set by the seller at the time of listing. [Same as Minimum Opening Bid.]
Suspended- This usually occurs when a seller hasn't paid their listing fees or has questionable activities. 

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