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  2. How do I update my billing information
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Do I have to give you my credit card information?
Yes. This is to verify you are of legal age to buy or sell on Ebanned and for our billing purposes. If you are a buyer or do not plan to sell, your credit card is never charged. For your safety, no one from Ebanned will ever contact you by email asking your full credit card information. If you should ever receive a request (through email, chat or the forums) asking you for your credit card information or your password, please notify Ebanned immediately.

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How much does it cost?
Currently, it's free to register. There is a small Listing Fee of $.25 per auction. There is also an additional $.75 charge for Dutch items for a total listing fee of $1.00 for Dutch no matter how many items you have for sale.

A small note regarding our fees....
We are aware there are some sites that charge nothing to sell your items. However, keep in mind the age old saying "You get what you pay for". We have many options here that other auction sites do not have. We can't speak for the other sites, but here, providing you with the absolute best in customer service is our main priority. Your minor listing fees help us accomplish this.

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How do I pay my auction fees?
The preferred method is by Credit Card. However, you may choose to mail your payment to us using a check or money order. In the View Your Account section of this site, there is a link to pay by mail. The link will give you all the information you need to make your payments. If you are on automated billing, (log into your account and your billing status is displayed on screen for you to see), you are billed once per month or once your account reaches $100.00 in any billing cycle or at the administration discretion. If your account is new, under 30 days as a registered member, or you have never used your account before, we may bill you at any amount above $30.00 at any time regardless of your billing date.

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Do you have final value auction fees like some other auction sites?
Yes. The fees are quite reasonable. Unlike some other sites, we charge a small 5% final value fee. If your auction ends with no bids, you pay nothing more than your small listing fee.

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What kind of payments do you accept?
Our preferred method of payment is automated billing. Though we do accept payments by mail using a personal/company check or money order. If paying by mail with a personal/company check, please allow 10 days for your check to clear our bank and the credit applied to your account.

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How long until my account is credited?
If paying by personal or company check, please allow 10 business days. If paying by money order, please allow 5 business days.

When on automated payments, your payment will be applied within 1 business day after we have successfully charged your fees.

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I show a credit. Why?
It's possible you have overpaid your account. Another reason you might show a credit is if you have already paid your account and gotten a refund on your final value fees. The refund is applied to your account no matter what your balance is.

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How does the invoicing work?
Once a month, you will receive a statement from us regarding your recent account balance due. If you do not have a balance due, you will not receive an invoice. Payment in full is due within 5 days. Accounts that have not paid their negative balance within the 5 days, will be automatically blocked and all current listings will be locked until payment in full is made. You can log into your account here.

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When do I have to make a payment on my account?
Once the system sends you an invoice, you must pay your balance anytime within 5 days. If not paid within that time, you will be automatically blocked and your current listings may also be blocked at that time. We prefer that you do not send us any payments until your receive your invoice and we also ask that you do not send payments for less than $1.00.

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What is your Paypal address so I can make a payment?
We do not accept Paypal for any reason.


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