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Solving common credit or debit card problems

If your credit or debit card has been declined during registration, setting up a seller account or making a payment, there are some steps outlined below that will help you in solving your issue.

  • Be sure your card is in good standing. Cards that are suspended, over the limit or blocked in any way by the issuing bank will not be permitted for use.

  • Make sure that your card has been activated if it is new.

  • Verify the billing address you provide Ebanned is the same as the one your credit card company has for you. If you've recently moved, the credit card company or bank may still have your previous address.

  • Check your expiration date. Cards that are expired can not be used.

If you are trying to pay your seller fees and the problem continues, you can pay your fees by choosing a different method.

If you are trying to register or set up a seller account, we will be unable to accept your account until any problems are cleared up with your issuing bank.


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