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Paying your account fees to Ebanned

As a seller, you'll be receiving monthly statements when you are listing items for sale. If you are not listing, or have not incurred any fees for your billing period, you obviously will not be billed.

If you have a balance, your fees will be automatically taken from your credit/debit card on file. Our billing name is very discreet, the name Ebanned will not appear on your statements from your bank.

You are welcome to make a payment at any time by going to the Your Account section in your Auction Manager.

Ebanned offers several ways for you to pay your seller fees.

  • Automated monthly payment by credit/debit card
  • One time payment by credit/debit card
  • Check or money order payment

Payment methods

An explanation of the different payment methods available to pay seller fees.

  • Automated Payments - This is the preferred method of payment. Your invoice amount will be charged to your credit card or debit card on file once per month to clear your invoiced amount.

  • One Time Payment - This can be used at any time to clear your balance, lower your obligation at your next billing cycle or used to place a credit on your account.

  • Check or Money Order - You can mail a personal/business check at any time to add to your account. Be sure to include your userid as we will be unable to apply it unless we know who sent it.

Note: Personal/business checks may be held for clearance before the payment is posted to your account. Please allow up to 10 days for your payment to reflect correctly in your account.

Your billing date

Ebanned requires all seller accounts to be paid in full each month where the balance is -1.00 or more. If you don't keep your payments current and your account goes overdue, you will be suspended for non-payment of fees and you may be responsible for interest charged to your account and any collection costs. Your billing date is determined by the the day you register and can be found in your Auction Manager under the Your Account link.

Viewing your billing activity

You can use your Auction Manager to view the last 200 transactions done on your account. This includes any fees, credits or payments applied. Transactions beyond the previous 200 are available in HTML format for the past 12 months by requesting them. To request a copy of your past transactions (up to 12 months), you may contact Ebanned. Be sure to include your userid and a contact email where you will be able to receive a zipped file.


Ebanned will issues credits on your account for the final value fee on unpaid items. Learn more about requesting a final fee refund.


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