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After the auction ends

When your auction ends, whether you are the seller or the buyer, the most important thing is communication.

Since Ebanned does not provide a checkout process, the events that happen after an auction ends are the responsibility of the the seller and the buyer. You should communicate with each other to resolve the following:

  • Payment details
  • Shipping details
  • Any other requests or special details

While Ebanned does not set policy when these should be done, it's good form to contact the buyer or seller of an item within 3 days of the item ending. Quick communication leads to a faster completion of the transaction and happier parties therefore making a satisfying transaction.

You should also keep in mind that there are several reasons why you may not receive communication from your buyer or seller. Sometimes things happen that prevent one or both parties from communicating.

If you haven't received communication from your buyer or seller, take these steps to help you identify the problem.

  • Turn off spam filters, in this day of mass unwanted emails, many people rely on their spam filters to manage their emails. This could cause you to not receive vital information.
  • Check bulk mail or unknown senders folders.
  • Try contacting the other party from an alternate email.

If you've still not received any communications from your trading partner and it's been at least 7 days, you may ask Ebanned to send a friendly message for you in the event there may be something wrong with the emails.

For bounced, "recipient unknown" problems, contact Ebanned to see if we have an alternate email for your trading partner.

Once you've completed the transaction, leave feedback for your trading partner. Feedback is largely a courtesy but it speaks to the reputation of the parties involved.


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