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Ghost or Blank bids

As a member, you may come across an item you  are selling or maybe one you have bought that appears to have a blank bid line in it. This is to say, it appears to be a bid but there is no information available for it.

This is not a problem with the item or an issue with the system. It's a small glitch that Ebanned has had for years and causes no problems. We call it a Ghost bid. It does nothing more than look odd.

It does not raise the bid price, it does not count as an item sold in a Dutch Listing. It does not cause you to have a final fee for an item that you didn't sell.

Why it happens
While we've been able to identify the cause for it, we have not solved the problem of removing it.

When a seller edits a listing that has already been posted, before it has bids, the system places a "blank" line in the bid history. If the item is edited again after it has bids, the blank line is removed. It looks unusual, but is actually harmless and causes no issues whatsoever with your item.

So when you see one, smile and don't worry about!

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