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Choosing your userid

A userid or "alias" is the name you'd like to be known as at Ebanned. It is your log in and your unique identity for all your activity at Ebanned.

You might choose something that relates to your hobbies or a personal nickname. You'll want to choose carefully as it can't be changed once you are registered. If you are at all concerned that your favorite nickname will be associated with you in the real world, you should carefully choose something that is unique and anonymous. Your userid is an asset to you, much like your feedback rating. Other members will come to recognize you by your userid and your reputation at Ebanned will always be linked to your userid.

Userid's can contain only numbers, letters and underscores. Spaces, character symbols and periods (.) are not allowed. They are also limited to 15 (fifteen) characters.

Some examples are:

  • You live in Louisiana and are a lady, you could use Louisiana_lady or Louisianalady
  • You collect lingerie, you could use Lingeriecollectr
  • You race cars, you could use Race_driver or Racedriver
  • Or you can use only numbers if you wish to remain completely anonymous.

All userid's at Ebanned start with a capital letter while the rest will be lower case. This can not be changed as it is a site default and all members userid's look this way.

What you can't use in your userid

  • Characters such as @, &, % or .
  • Any reference to or form of the word Ebanned
  • Spaces (however, you can use _ to represent spaces)
  • The same userid as another member
  • Any reference that may imply you are employed by Ebanned such as "Webmaster", "Admin" or "Staff"
  • Any userid that infringes on a copyrighted name

Information regarding userid's that are more than 15 characters long.
Before Ebanned instated the 15 character limit for userid's a userid could be as many characters as a person wanted. Since we believe that a userid is an asset to a members identity at Ebanned, we have permitted those that with longer userid's to continue with the identity they established.

Information about searching for a taken userid
Ebanned's system does not permit the ability to use the Search function to determine if a userid is already taken. In order to accurately determine if the userid you want is already in use, you will need to enter it on the registration form. If it is available, you will be asked to proceed, if it is taken, you will be asked to choose another unique userid.


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