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Top Questions about Registration:
  1. Why didn't I get my confirmation email?
  2. How much does it cost to sell on Ebanned?
  3. How do I join?
  4. What is a non-anonymous email?
  5. My log in failed. Why
Common information about Registration
Problems with registration - This section is designed to help you identify and correct common problems with getting registered.
  • Email address not accepted
    Verify your email is valid and that you have typed it in correctly.
  • Confirmation not received
    More information available here.
  • Invalid information/Prior Users with Bad History
    Use correct information. Member applications are validated and if your application is found to be incorrect, you will be declined. We do not send notice when you have been declined for invalid information or have been removed based on a previous bad history with Ebanned.
  • Credit card denied
    More information available here.
  • You receive a Page Not Found error when using the registration form
    Because our registration requires sensitive information, a secure server is used to protect and encrypt your private information. Some browsers have settings that you may have to change to allow you access to these types of pages. You will have to allow SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0. You may also need to adjust your privacy settings to MEDIUM.
  • You have been denied a membership.
    Ebanned maintains a blacklist of past problem users. If you've been denied for having a problematic previous  userid, you may contact Ebanned for a further explanation and instructions on resolving the problems. Ebanned may choose, depending on the severity of your past violation, to deny you a reply or the ability to become a member again.

    If you've been denied based on your credit card, you can see these steps to help you resolve the issue.

Other related FAQ's for Registration

Q. How do I register?
A. Simple! Read our Terms of Service, agree to it, and fill out the registration form on our secure server. It's free and easy!

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Q. Why do you need my credit card?
A. As this site has grown, so has the expectation of our members to provide a safe and secure area to do their business. By providing credit card information, we can assure our members that each individual is of legal age to participate in an online trading environment of an adult nature.

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Q. I didn't get an email with my password, now what?
A. We process all registrations by human. Under normal circumstances, you will have received your welcome letter within 12-24 hours of your submission. If you did not get an email, you should contact your ISP about possible difficulties on their end. If you are on AOL, make sure your mail controls are set to allow internet email. You can also try sending an email to the administrator to see what the hold up is.

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Q. What is taking so long with my password?
A. Our registration process, while simple, is not automatic. All new membership applications are processed by a human and this takes time. If you haven't gotten a welcome letter within 24-48 hours, it's possible your email has problems. You are always welcome to email us to find out the status of your application.

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Q. My registration was denied, why? And what can I do about it?
A. If we find it necessary to deny your application, an explanation may come with a  note of denial. You can correct the problem by fixing whatever it was that got your account denied or you can go elsewhere. We may, at our discretion and based on severity of the prior offense, choose not to respond to you all all or send a reason why you are declined.

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Q. Why can't I use my Hotmail (yahoo, excite, etc) email account?
A. You can! As long as your email is valid, you can use it at Ebanned. Please note that you must keep a valid email on your account or access will be removed until you have updated with correct and valid contact information.

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Q. What do those sunglasses mean?
The sunglasses icon (shades) are used to signify a new member who has been with us for less than 30 days. An explanation of all the icons used at Ebanned can be found here.

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Q. How do I change my contact information?
A. Use the Update Registration form located here.

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Q. How can I change my location?
A. Use the Update Registration form located here. We do not display your location or any personal information aboiut you on Ebanned.

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Q. How much of my personal information is shared with other members?
A. At a site of this nature, we realize the need for confidentiality, so in that respect, no information beyond your email and userid is shared with other members. Emails are only shared in certain circumstances, including the winning or selling of an item.

Most information on the registration application is for our records only. We do not provide members with email contact information unless they have been involved in a transaction with each other or in cases of harassment or comments made in a threatening nature. We are very serious about your privacy. Please  read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service so you can be more familiar with how this website operates.

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Q. What is a userid?
A. Every member at Ebanned has chosen a unique nickname or "userid" to go by. No two members have the same userid, although there may be several members with similar userids.

Userid's are available in one 1 standard format and can not be changed. Each userid will begin with a capital letter and all additional letters are lower case. Every userid is this way and is unchangeable.

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Q. I forgot my userid. What do I do?
You can send an email to Ebanned asking for your userid. Be sure to include the email address you registered with. We cannot look for your userid, if you don't send us your email. 

If you have forgotten what email you used to register with, provide as much information as possible, such as name or address and we can try an alternate way or looking for your account.

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Q. I forgot my password. What do I do?
Do not send us an email asking for your password. For security reasons, we will not send passwords in email. On nearly every page at Ebanned there is a link to have your password sent to your registered email account. If you must email Ebanned for your password, you will get back a simple message with the link to the form to have your password sent to you.

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Q. How can I change my userid?
You can't. When you registered, you were asked to choose your new userid carefully because it can't be changed. You are welcome to go through the registration process again to obtain a new userid, but your feedback and auctions will not follow you. You should also be aware that if your current account is past due or there are excessive negative feedbacks, your new application will be denied.

Note that our refusal to change your userid or alter it in any way is not because we don't want to but rather that we can't. Our software is limited and we simply don't have the ability to change or alter a userid.

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Q. How can I change my password?
A. Use the Update Registration form located here.

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Q. How can I change my email address?
A. Use the Update Registration form located here. If you have current auctions, or have any bids placed on auctions, your new email address will not be shown. If you must change your email while you have bids placed or listing going, be sure you contact the seller/bidder and inform them of your new email.

If you will no longer have access to the email address that is connected with current running listings or bids, you can contact Ebanned and we will update that for you. This service is only available and we can only update current, live, running listings. Closed listings can not be altered in any way.

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Q. I can't access the registration page, is there another way in?
A. Because our registration requires sensitive information, a secure server is used to protect and encrypt your private information. Some browsers have settings that you may have to change to allow you access to these types of pages. You will have to allow SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0

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