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Log into your account

Once you have been registered, you will be sent a welcome letter complete with the userid and password you choose at registration along with some basic links and information to get you started. You can log in here.

Always remember to type your userid and password. never copy and paste your password or userid as you may get unwanted spaces giving you an invalid login. If you receive an invalid login, simply try again. If you continue to receive an error while trying to log in, you'll want to verify these things before contacting support:

  • Check that you spelled your userid correct and there are no spaces before or after your userid.
  • Check that you entered your password correct. Remember to use any characters that you entered when selecting your password.
  • Be sure that you TYPED your password in and did not copy and paste it as there may have been unwanted spaces.
  • Check that you are actually a member, having received your welcome letter from us.

You will be unable to log in or use any services unless your account is approved.

We provide the ability to store your member information on your computer, in effect, remembering you each time you visit Ebanned. This is called a cookie and will automatically fill in many of the userid and password sections for you. You should use this carefully as anyone with access to your computer will be able to log in as you while you are using our remembered log in system.

The safest way to protect your account is to not use the "remember me" option at any website, including Ebanned. While this makes using your account more inconvenient, it also helps keep you secure. If you do use the "remember me" option, you will still be asked to log in periodically as a security measure.

Some areas not used by the remembered log in

  • Bidding

    In order to place a bid, you are required to enter your userid and password regardless if you are logged in. This is done to prevent mistakes in bidding and accidental usage.

  • Final Fee refund requests

    In order to validate your request, the password and userid section is not pre-filled for you.

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