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We do not take the side of the buyer or the seller. It is not our place to decide who is right or wrong as we are only the medium.

We understand that sometimes things happen that are beyond control, however, Ebanned has a Zero Tolerance policy for Non-Paying Bidders. Non-paying bidders ruin the fun for everyone. In some states, winning an auction and not paying for it is a crime and is punishable by law should the seller choose to pursue it. In other words, if you don't want to pay for it, don't bid on it.

Our official policy regarding non-paying bidders is 3 (three) or more negative feedbacks for non-payment in a 1 (one) month time period will result in a 30 day suspension and/or account termination. This policy also applies if the member reaches -3 (three) at any time in their membership. There may be exceptions but they are very few.

Some variations on this policy could include a new member who has started out with non-paying negative feedback. In almost ALL cases of a new member receiving negative feedback for non-payment the account is closed and blacklisted.

You should start here if you are a:

Seller who has a non-paying bidder and would like a Final Value Fee refund for your unsold item. Listing fees are Non-Refundable.
Member user who is interested in knowing more about what happens when high bidders don't pay.

Non-Paying bidders face the following consequences for their actions:

First offense: warning and buyer strike
Second offense: if within 30 days of receiving a buyer strike, account suspension; otherwise, a final warning issued.
Third offense: If within 60 days of receiving a buyer strike, Administrative Suspension/Termination

All buyer accounts are reviewed for non-paying negative feedback and only negative feedback that is related to the non-payment of an item won is considered.
The time frame resets for all buyers that have received no warnings or strikes after 90 days.

Please note: Appropriate enforcement action is determined at Ebanned's sole discretion. This enforcement schedule is approximate.
All circumstances are taken into consideration. This includes the nature of the item being sold.
High risk categories, such as Financial Domination and Slave type auctions are exempt.

What to do if you're a seller with a non-paying bidder
(note that the time frames are approximate and should be adjusted to fit your terms and needs as a seller)

Steps Explanation of Steps When To Do
1. Contact each other

Contact each other after your listing has ended. Try to work things out with between you. It's possible that there was a misunderstanding and you will be able to settle matters between yourselves. 

Within 3 business days is a good idea, but seven days allows a bit more flexibility.

2. Gentle Payment Reminder (optional)

Send a gentle payment reminder email to your high bidder. Use of this form could be constituted a form of harassment so be sure you have given the buyer ample time to respond. You can add your comments to this form. Note that this is optional, you may send your own payment reminders or you can let us do it for you.

After 3 -10 days but not past 30 days of the end of auction.

3. Non-Payer Bid Form Complaint.

File a Non-Payer Bid Complaint if you still don't get a response or if you feel you may not receive payment. Remember: In order to collect your Final Value Fee refund, you must complete a Non-Paying Bidder Alert Form on time. You must also leave appropriate Negative Feedback for the bidder. We will then send email notice to you and your buyer reminding them of their obligation to you for their winning bid and the consequences of not paying.

After 3-5 days but not past 45 days of your listing's close.

4. Request your Final Value Fee refund.

You can have your Final Value Fee refunded if you've: a) Filed a Non-Payer Bid Form 5-10 days or more after your listing has ended.
Were unable to resolve the issue with your bidder 5-10 days after you've filed the Non-Payer Bid Form above.
Have left appropriate negative feedback to the bidder. Your refund will be credited to your account within 7-14 days. Note: You can offer your item to a lower bidder and request a partial refund of your fees based on the lower close amount. You should also, at this point, add the bidder to your bad bidder list using the Ban a Bidder Menu.

Within 59 days of your listing's close.

Make sure that you have met all the requirement for this step. You may only file for a refund one time per unsuccessful auction.

For Dutch listings, you may file for a refund, once per non-paying winner.

Again, we are a medium and not responsible for legal action or arbitration relating to items sold.


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