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Ebanned has Zero Tolerance for fraud! We will co-operate fully with any investigation by the proper authorities regarding claims of fraud. Any acts of fraud or suspicions thereof, should be reported to the Ebanned Administration. Ebanned investigates each case as a whole, taking into consideration the members complete Ebanned history. If, after investigating a complaint, the complaint is found to be correct, Ebanned will terminate that members account on the first offense. We do maintain a blacklist of fraudulent members and share our blacklisted information with the proper authorities.

Here are some pointers that may help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

  • Check the feedback of the seller. Learn how that particular seller does business. Members with a feedback rating of 0 or above are members in good standing. 

  • Know the seller, email them, ask questions. Do this before you bid. If you bid and then ask questions, you are still responsible for the winning bid if in fact you are the high bidder at the end.

  • Check their other listings, see that everything is consistent on each and every listing. Some differences are to be expected, but be on the watch for obvious differences such as different photos displaying different sellers but all claiming to be as one. (Please Note: Some sellers, for security reasons, choose not to show their face. This does not guarantee the seller is fraudulent and should not prevent you from bidding on their items.)

    Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is!

  • Know what you are bidding on.

  • Pay with a Postal Money order. This leaves records and can be traced if there is ever a question.

  •  Never send cash unless you know who you are dealing with and feel comfortable. (The USPS does not recommend sending cash at any time, but should you choose to do so, it is at your own risk.)

While these pointers will not necessarily prevent you from falling victim to a dishonest seller, it is our hope that they will be helpful to you.

Unfortunately, the internet has become a breeding ground for dishonest people with no scruples. If you find yourself the victim of fraud there are several actions you can take. Also note that Ebanned and it's legal counsel work closely with the authorities when dealing with a fraudulent member.

Again, we are a medium and not responsible for legal action, however we comply with all authorities concerning an investigation. 


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