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Fee Structure

Browsing and registering are always free at Ebanned. But sellers pay a small fee to list their items for sale. Keep reading to learn about our Fee Structure and how our billing works.

Note: You pay a fee to list your item for sale on this site, the fee is for the service we are providing you. You do not own any of the pages your listings are on and we reserve the right to place third-party advertisements at our discretion at any time anywhere within the site.

Fee Structure - 
When you list an item for sale on this website, you pay a non-refundable listing fee. The listing fees vary depending on what options you choose. We reserve the right to raise or lower any of our fees at our discretion. 

Regular Auction Listings
There are two types of fees for auctions. The first is a listing fee based on the type of auction you run, Regular (single item) or Dutch (multiple item).

All auctions must have a minimum starting bid of $1.00.

Type of Auction   Listing Fee  
Regular (single item) Listing $0.25
Dutch (multiple item) Listing $.25 + $.75 = $1.00

  Closing Price    Final Value Fee 
$Any Minimum of $0.35 or 7% of the closing price

Here's an example:
If you list a regular (single item) auction, your listing fee will be $0.25. If the closing price of your item is $25.00, the final value fee will be $1.75.

Your total charge would then be $0.25 + $1.75 = $2.00.

Auctions that have ending bids of $5.00 or less with be automatically charged a $0.35 final value fee regardless of ending amount. For Dutch, multiple piece auctions, the minimum Final Value Fee of $0.35 will be applied per item sold.

An example. If your item lists for $1.00 and ends at anything less than $5.00, it will be charged a Final value Fee of $0.35. On a Dutch item, fixed price is $1.00 - $5.00, the final value fee will be applied for every bid/quantity sold on the auction or in the terms.

Multiple Quantity or "Dutch Auction" Listings
The listing fee is slightly higher for a multiple item auction, never to exceed $1.00. That is $.25 for the listing and $.75 for the Dutch enhancement. The final value fee is calculated for each item that closes successfully by using the 7% Final Auction Value Fee or the Minimum Final Fee. Learn more about Dutch auctions.

Here's an example:
If you're selling 10 items at $25.00 each, you would be charged a listing fee of $1.00. So your total listing fee for 10 items is $1.00.

To calculate your Final Value Fees, here is an example.

Say your auction closed with 8 items sold.

The final value fee for the 8 items would be
($25 x 7%) x (8) = $1.75 x 8 = $14.00

Your total charge would then be
($14.00 + $1.00) = $15.00

So it would have cost you $15.00 to sell $200.00 worth of items.

Enhanced Listing Fees
We have several listing enhancements that can make your listing stand out and attract more bids! These fees are in addition to the basic listing fee and are optional.

Dutch Listing Fee - $.75
This is a fee charged for all Dutch Items. Regardless if you have 5 items or 5,000, the fee is the same plus the basic listing fee. ($1.00 per Dutch listing)

Reserve Listing Fee - $.30
This fee applies only if you set a reserve on your item. This is a non-refundable insurance that you will receive your required minimum ending amount when your item sells. Think of it as insurance.

Bold Listing - $1.00
Your listing title in bold face type. This adds instant visibility.

Background Highlight - $2.00
Your listing title, number of bids and time remaining are all highlighted with a background color of your choice. It is an eye catcher and instantly draws attention to your listing.

Category Featured - $5.00
When you choose this option, your listing is placed at the top of the category you listed your item in. Since the listing appears both at the top of the page and in the regular category listings, you end up with double visibility for your item.

Full Featured - $20.00
This option puts your listing on the main page of the site. This is the highest  visibility listing option and most sellers do well with this type of enhancement. Please note, this option is not to be confused with the Featured Seller position.

Billing Dates
Ebanned handles it's billing cycle in two periods. Your billing date will depend on when you registered. Most new accounts can expect to be invoiced within 3-20 days.

Your account is DUE in FULL at the time of your invoice.

First Period- 1st of the month
You can expect to receive your invoice anywhere between the 1st and the 3rd of the month. Your credit card will be billed anytime within 3 days.

Second Period- 15th of the month
You can expect to receive your invoice anywhere between the 15th and the 18th. Your credit card will be billed anytime within 3 days.

We reserve the right to change your billing date at our discretion with no notice and/or send you multiple invoices should your account balance go over the credit limit allowed for your account. Credit limits are placed at our discretion and may be done without notice.

Accounts that go unpaid 5 days after receiving an invoice can expect to have their accounts suspended and/or have their listings cancelled. Payment must be received in full in order to avoid suspension. Chronic late or no-pay accounts will be asked to keep a positive balance in their account and/or place a secondary credit card on file for automated billing before being allowed to post items for sale.

Additional penalties for erratic or unstable payment practices could also include higher final fees and/or listing restrictions.

Payment Terms
We offer several ways for you to make your account payments in a timely manner. Payment options can also be accessed by logging into your account.

Credit Card on File
Per our policy change on July 21, 2001 we require all new sellers to register a seller account placing their verified credit card on file for automated payments. If you were a member before our policy change, placing your credit card on file is voluntary. We reserve the right to require a credit card on file for all accounts at our discretion.

When you place your credit card on file with us, done securely over a secure connection, we simply bill your credit card each month for your listing fees. No hassles, no worries. You can log into your account at any time to find out your billing date. You will receive a notice each month before we bill you letting you know the amount to be billed.

One Time Credit Card Payment
If you do not wish to have your credit card on file with us (for members who joined before July 21, 2001) or you just want to pay by the month and still want the ease of using your credit card, you can make a one-time credit card payment. Once your account is run, we'll send you a notice letting you know the exact amount charged and the date it was charged.

All of these payment options are available by logging into your account.

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