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Your listing is just as important as the item you are selling. Make it jump out to the bidder. We do not limit how many photos you put in your auctions, however, keep in mind that the more image files you add (backgrounds, animated gifs, decorations, etc.) will slow down the load time on your auction. Some people will just not hang around if your auction does not load quickly.

That said, here are some tips to give you kick ass ads.

Add a background - You'll want to try and keep any background files small so they do not drag down your load time. This is the code to add a background:

<body background="">

Make sure you have the graphic placed with your photo host so that you can link to it.

We suggest
Photeto is co-branded with Ebanned so your customer service is quicker and easily able to integrate with your Ebanned auctions.

Add more Pics- The add item form allows you to add one pic per listing, but since I know there isn't much fun in just one pic, you can add more to the HTML space of your listing. You can add as many pics as you'd like, but remember that too many will drag down your load time. Here is the code to add another pic:

<center><img src="

Again, make sure that the pic you have chosen has been uploaded to the internet.

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