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Top Questions about Billing:
  1. How do I pay for my account fees?
  2. How much does it cost to sell on Ebanned?
  3. How do I get a refund for my fees?
  4. What types of payments does Ebanned accept?
  5. Does Ebanned accept Paypal?
If your account is suspended:

If you need to update your billing information
: Click to go to your Auction Manager > Your Account

If you have multiple seller accounts: Information for sellers with two or more seller accounts.

Setting up your seller account:

If you are selling items on Ebanned, this section contains information that will help you understand the aspects of your seller account.

Other related FAQ's for Billing

Q. What are the fees for selling here?
A. You can read our Fee Schedule page here.

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Q. My item didn't sell, can I relist for free?
This site supports Auto-relist (up to 2 times) that is automatically added to your item when you list it. If it ends with no bids, it will be automatically relisted. Please note that this feature is available only at the time of listing. If you did not select it on the seller your item form, your item will not be re-listed for free and you must pay standard listing fees to have your item up for listing again.

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Q. The high bidder backed out/didn't pay, what do I do?
If your high bidder backed out or didn't pay for the item, you can file a non-paying bidder alert against them. If your item had more than one bid, you can offer it to the next highest bidder if they are interested. You can read our non-paying bidder policy here.

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Q. How do I pay for my account?
We accept several types of payment, credit cards and checks or money orders. All of our acceptable payment methods are available by logging in to your account

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Q. What types of payments do you accept?
Credit Cards, Money Orders, Personal Checks and Certified Checks. We do not accept any type of online payment service. We also do automated monthly billing.

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Q. How long does it take for my payment to show up?
In most cases, your payment will be reflected in your account within 24 hours, though we ask that you allow up to 72 hours before contacting us about the status of your payment. Postal payments could take up to 10 days to post to your account. If you ever have a question about your account and a payment you have made, you can contact Ebanned to ask about the status of your account.

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Q. What is your Paypal address?
We do not accept Paypal as an acceptable method pf payment.

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Q. I tried to list an item and it told me that I was suspended, why?
The most common cause for this is letting your account go behind on payments. You will be sent an invoice on the 1st or the 15th of the month that is due within 10 days. If the balance is not paid within 10 days, the account is automatically suspended. Once your account is paid in full, we will lift the suspension. Accounts that are chronic late payers, may, at our discretion, be asked to keep a positive balance in their account before being allowed to list.

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Q. I paid but I am still suspended, why?
If you have paid your account and it is still suspended after at least 24-48 hours, the common cause could be that you have multiple accounts and are carrying a balance in any or all of them that will have to be paid as well. 

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Q. My balance is at 0.00, why can't I list items?
If you have paid your account and it is still suspended after at least 24 hours, the common cause could be that you have multiple accounts and are carrying a balance in any or all of them that will have to be paid as well. Another common cause for this to happen is that we have received complaints on your userid and you are being investigated. You can read our Non-Sending Seller policy here.

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Q. Can you just bill my credit card every month?
Yes, we can. We call this automated monthly billing and it takes the hassle of your payments out of your hands and we do all the work. Just log into your account, click the link that reads Your Account and follow the link to our secure server to sign up for this service.

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Q. What is Automated Billing?
Automated billing is the process where you place your credit card on file with us and instead of us sending you invoices every month and you having to pay it each and every month, we simply bill your credit card for the amount due on your account. We bill discreetly so the name Ebanned never shows up on your bank statements. Once we bill your card, your payment will be applied to your account. Also note that we will bill your credit card once your billing reaches $150.00 or more in any given billing cycle.

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Q. Can I make a one-time payment on my account?
Yes, you can log into your account at any time and follow the link to our secure server. There you will fill out the form to let us know the exact amount you wish billed to your card. Once we charge your card, you will be sent a notice letting you know the date and amount charged and a link to your account where you can verify the funds are placed in your account. This is a convenient and hassle-free way to pay your account balance.

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Q. Where can I see my account balance?
You can see your account balance at any time by logging into your account. With your invoices you are sent a link or you can find it in your Auction Manager under the link Your Account.

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Q. How do I know what my billing date is?
Your billing date is determined by the date you registered with Ebanned. It will fall on either the 1st or the 15th. New accounts can be expected to receive an invoice usually within 15 days of joining. You can also find out your billing date by clicking the Account link in your Auction Manager.

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Q. When is my account due and how long do I have to pay it?
Once you receive your invoice, you have 10 days to pay it. Invoices sent on the 1st are due by the 10th and invoices sent on the 15th are due by the 25th. Accounts not paid in full by the due date are automatically suspended and all auctions currently running are cancelled. If you have auctions running when your account is suspended, they are held in the system for 48 hours pending payment and can be re-instated if the account is paid within 48 hours following suspension.

Please note that all sellers on Automated billing will be blocked from listing if their payment is declined after the second try.

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Q. My credit card was denied, why, and what should I do?
If your credit card was denied, you will be sent a notice to let you know that we were unable to bill your card and ask you to update your billing information with us. You should do this right away so it does not interrupt your billing cycle and cause your account to be suspended for non-payment.

On our second try, if your card is again denied, your listing will be suspended and your account blocked from using Ebanned's service until full payment is made on your balance. If your balance is paid in full within 48 hours of suspension, your current auctions (if any) will be re-instated.

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