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Setting up a seller account

To sell on Ebanned, you must be registered and you must have a seller account. To set up a seller account is easy, free and is a one-time process.

  • Add a credit or debit card to your account for automated billing.

    Your personal information is protected by our Privacy Policy and is encrypted using the latest SSL technology. We take your personal information seriously and do not store identifiable information such as your name, address or full credit card numbers anywhere on our servers. We keep your important available for our use only in an offline system that is fully secured.

    If you card was not accepted, you can try some of the hints found on this page.

    Do be sure that the address you provided to Ebanned is the same as the one your credit card company has for you. This is the most common reason for getting denied a seller account.

Once you have been accepted as a seller, you will receive a notice from us letting you know that we have updated your billing information, at that point, you are welcome to list an item for sale.

Note that even if you've updated your billing information, it will not be effective until a staff member verifies that information and approves the seller account. This process, while usually fast, could take up to 24 hours.

For more details about seller accounts, see Paying your seller fees


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