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Suspended Account

There are only a few reasons that your account may be suspended at Ebanned:

  • Non-payment of seller fees
  • Repeated violations of the Terms of Service and User Agreement
  • Invalid contact information

You may or may not receive a notice letting you know your account has been suspended. If you have received notice, the email from Ebanned will explain what you must do in order to re-instate your account.

If you've been suspended for non-payment of fees
You will need to pay your account balance in full. This includes the outstanding amount and anything incurred after the last invoice. You will also need to provide updated contact information and an updated credit card. We may also require you to place a credit in your account for future use or we may choose to restrict your use of listing enhancements such as BuyIt, Featured and Gallery.

If you've been suspended for invalid contact information
You will need to contact Ebanned with your new information. Include your old contact information, your new contact information and your userid.

If you've been suspended for any other reason
Depending on the severity of the offense the restricted your access, you may be permanently suspended. You may contact Ebanned for an explanation of the suspension, however, we may, at our discretion, chose not to answer you.

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