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Top Questions about Feedback:
  1. How do I leave feedback for my transaction?
  2. Can feedback comments be removed?
  3. Can retaliatory negative feedback be removed?
  4. I left the wrong feedback, can it be fixed?
  5. How do I respond to my feedback comments?
Common Information about Feedback

What gets us to remove feedback? See our feedback removal policy at the link below.
Feedback Policies and removal policy

Need to leave feedback? Do it the easy way, use the link below to see all your transactions by logging into your Auction Manager and selecting the Feedback link from the section list on the left.
Leave feedback for a member

If you want to see your rating or perhaps search for another members feedback, use this link.
View yours or another members feedback

Members can respond to their negative or neutral feedback.
Respond to your feedback

Other Related FAQ's for Feedback

Q. How can I get someone to leave feedback for me?
Feedback is largely a courtesy. Some members are quite happy to leave feedback, some are not. Ebanned can not force a member to leave you feedback nor can it insist that feedback be left for a transaction. If you want want feedback for your transaction, your best bet is to simply ask your trading partner nicely if they would leave appropriate feedback for the transaction.

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