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Getting a negative comment is always an unpleasant experience. Your belief that a negative comment is false, undeserved or retaliatory does not constitute an appropriate reason for removal. Only Ebanned can make the determination if the comment you received is retaliatory in nature.

 In some instances a negative comment can be removed based on it's retaliatory nature:

You are a seller:

  • You received a negative comment after filing a Non-Paying bidder notice
  • You received a negative comment after posting a negative for a non-paying bidder

You are a buyer:

  • You received a negative comment after filing a Non-sending seller notice

Situations where we can NOT remove any type of negative comment:

  • You received a negative based on the quality of the transaction
  • You received a negative even after doing all required by the terms of the auction
  • You consider the comment untrue, unfair or undeserved

If you believe your comment falls under the retaliatory reason, you can contact support for a review of your comment.


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