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Creating a reputation for yourself online is very important. People like to know who they are buying from or selling to. Tell other members about yourself or about your products by using the free Me page available to all members.

You can use your me page to:

  • Tell members about yourself
  • Showcase your products

You can NOT use your Me page to:

  • Sell items directly (without auction)
  • Extort or blackmail another user

To create your personal page:

  • Click this link to get started
  • Enter your content
  • Click preview
  • And if everything looks good, click submit.

If you have a basic understanding of HTML you can use standard HTML to change fonts, colors, backgrounds and graphics on your page. However, you need have no knowledge of HTML in order to set up your page. Our Me page designer provides you the areas where you can enter content as needed to format your page for you.

Editing your page is just as easy. Edit it as often or as many times as you like.

To edit your personal page:

  • Click this link
  • Edit your content
  • Click preview
  • And if everything looks good, click submit

Learn more about:

  • Using HTML to change the look of your Me Page
  • Removing your Me Page
  • Adding photos to your me page
  • Additional things for Me pages


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