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Providing credit or debit card information

When you register at Ebanned, you are asked to provide basic information about yourself and are required to use a credit card or debit card for validation purposes and selling fees.

While we do not charge for registration, you may see an authorization for 1.00 on your statement. This is not a charge, only a hold that will expire within a few days. This is done to determine that the information you provided is accurate and the card is valid.

If you set up a seller account at registration, this card will be the one used to pay your seller fees at Ebanned.

Ebanned stores your sensitive information in accordance with our Privacy Policy in a secure environment outside the internet. The only personally identifiable information stored online at Ebanned is your userid, your email and your name. All of which can be changed to suit your needs once you have completed the registration process.

Information for those that do not have a credit or debit card
At this time, we are not accepting members who are not able to provide us with a credit card or debit card at registration. Due to the nature of this site, we require all members to submit to a validation of their information.

Credit/Debit card problems? See our information page for help in clearing up any problems.


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