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Protecting your account

Staying safe online means taking the steps necessary to protect yourself. The biggest way to do this is to choose your password wisely. Passwords that are easy to remember are also likely to be easy to guess. As a member, you are responsible for the integrity of your account and are responsible for the activity that happens while it's being used.

Note that Ebanned staff will never ask you for your password by email or in any type of messaging forum.

Good passwords consist of a meaningless combination of letters and numbers. Other good passwords that are easy to remember are combinations of words that mean something to you coupled with a number.

Examples are:

  • 6-8 (or more) characters of numbers and letters and symbols. Like ebannedfan78
  • Multiple words strung together without spaces. Like am1a4ebanned8fan5

Avoid passwords that are connected to you easily such as your userid or email address. Single small words such as SEX or FUN should never be used. You should also avoid using a date of birth, zip code or phone number as all are easily guessed by someone who may get to know you or knows you already.

Protecting yourself online is critical and can be very costly and frustrating to sort out. Take these steps when using websites that require you to have a password:

  • Use different passwords for different websites. No two websites should share the same password
  • Change your passwords often
  • Don't use names, phone numbers and zip codes.
  • Never write down a list of password
  • Don't use password remembering programs.

To change your Ebanned password, you can click here.


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