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Prohibited Items

Ebanned is a venue only for mature adults with varying interests. However, there are some limitations:

Items of this nature are not allowed on Ebanned. If you are found listing items that in any way represent, imply or otherwise give the general impression of, your listing will be cancelled. Only one warning will be issued. In other words, don't list items that are prohibited if you want to keep your account here at Ebanned.

  • Child Porn/Underage Minors
    Including items that suggest or imply.
    NO warning will be issued. Your account will be closed and information reported to the proper authorities.
  • Humans or People
  • Feces or Urine
  • Animals or Animal Parts
  • Cigarettes; Tobacco or Herbal
  • Marijuana or other Illegal Drugs (including "medical marijuana")
  • "Bath Salts" or other hallucinogenic or stimulant materials
  • Prescription Drugs
    This includes any type of drug or medication banned in the United States.
    Over the counter supplements that do not require a prescription are exempt
  • Body Parts
  • Bestiality of ANY kind
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Auctions for ANY type of sex.
    For example, oral, anal or otherwise.
  • Any type of direct sale listings
  • Any type of listing that does not have an actual item
  • Any type of listing that facilitates a gambling type transaction
  • Any type of listing that is for the purposes of feedback padding. All listings must have an actual item being sold for a fair market value to be determined at the administrations discretion.
  • Any type of auction that requests a direct sale or an item to be bought that is not for auction. For example, purchases from wish lists in exchange for a bid, money slave type auctions where the seller requests any amount up to to bid or over the actual bid and any other type auction where there is not a product being sold at fair market value.

    A NOTE REGARDING WISHLISTS: You may NOT place your wishlist in your item listings, not can you set up a listing for any amount that requires the bidder to choose something from a wishlist.

    A NOTE REGARDING MONEY SLAVE LISTINGS: You may list a money slave listing only if there is a tangible item being offered in return for the bid/payment.
  • DATE type listings. 
    This includes any type of listing that facilitates a meeting between the buyer and seller.
  • RAFFLE or LOTTERY type listings. 
    Raffles and lotteries are regulated by state and local laws.
  • Items that imply or suggest any of the items on this prohibited list.

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